It has been a real challenge to launch a new party to take on the three giants. The systemic decks are stacked against new political participants and there are deliberate efforts to block democracy.
Why do Canadians want to be at mercy of three parties with narrow ideologies? The Liberals don’t believe in anything worth mentioning and bank upon immigrant votes, thereby are destroying the country. The Conservatives are perceived as anti-immigrants, who bank upon the right wing votes, while the NDP has pro-union and ‘spending without thinking’ agenda. In fact each party has a well-defined parochial ideology dividing the Canadians in to three respective parts, destroying the very foundation of Canada. Is it good for Canada? Do Canadians want to live as a divided society or do we want to move together as one nation? The answer is simple. If we don’t mend our political system RIGHT NOW, we are doomed to perish as a nation. The next federal election could happen any day. With America on the decline, the wheel is already turning in favor of Asian nations, which are developing at such a fast pace. It is time that we stop praising ourselves as a model nation. Canada has changed a lot in the last 20 years after year 2000 with the massive influx of immigration and many Canadians are surprised why so.


Partap Dua has been in politics since 2004. In fact, he has devoted all his life to Canadian politics trying to understand interrelation and malfunctioning of various governments. He has participated as a candidate in two federal elections, 3 Mayoral elections and one federal nomination contest. He launched 3 federal political parties..

He launched an independent party in 2005 by the name United Peoples Party of Canada (UPPC). Unfortunately the party could not get eligible status as the elections were announced immediately. UPPC fielded two candidates as independents in the 2006 federal election, and they ended up with a few hundred votes. UPPC name has been picked up by 2 new parties- The United Party of Canada (UPC) and the Peoples Party of Canada (PPC).

In the 2006 elections, UPPC had two solid achievements. It forced the Liberal Party and the Conservatives to amend their election platforms to claw back on landing fee for new immigrants and offer an apology to the past victims of Chinese Head Tax. No matter what many organizations working for years on Chinese head tax claimed, the actual pressure was put on Liberal Party by UPPC because the political novice, Partap Dua had filed his papers with a bold election platform to run against a sitting Liberal Cabinet Minister John McCallum in Markham. John McCallum got afraid that the Markham Chinese and immigrant vote might be lost to Partap Dua. Of course it did not happen but the Liberals suddenly modified their platform and announced to reverse their own landing fee of $975 that was introduced by the Jean Chretien government only a few years ago. They also agreed to offer apology to Chinese head tax victims. The Conservatives followed by amending their platform as well.

This gave a lot of motivation to Partap Dua, who understood that one could do a lot for Canadians by engaging in public affairs of the country.

In 2006 itself, Partap Dua filed to run for Mayor of Markham with a bold platform of taking Markham out of York Region. He garnered around 5,000 votes and was a runner up against the sitting Mayor. But his idea echoed with people and today Mayors of Cities like Mississauga are demanding to get out of respective Regional governments.

In 2007, Partap Dua filed for nomination of Conservative Party to run against John McCallum. This was against his own conscience of joining a right wing party, in his opinion, headed by a hard core, discriminatory Stephen Harper. But Dua’s constituents had advised him that he could only get in to the parliament through a nomination contest of an established party. All these years Partap Dua had dismissed the easy path of joining the Liberal party where many inexperienced immigrants had become MPs through effortless nominations. Stephen Harper, as leader, did not approve nomination of Partap Dua on the ground that Partap Dua had not been a member of Conservative Party for six months. Partap Dua had enrolled 700 paid members against Duncan Fletcher with barely 26 members, So a guy with barely 26 party members was allowed to run for parliament. The Conservatives had ONLY 200 card carrying members in Markham and Partap Dua had garnered the highest number of new members for the party in its entire history anywhere in Canada. Stephen Harper had approved many non-members for nominations in other ridings including a neighboring riding in Markham. Partap Dua learnt an insight in to the discriminatory functioning of Conservative Party where everyone in chain of command right to the Director of Political Operations and even the late Jim Flaherty, were all hard core individuals who clung to their narrow ideology. Racism was a dominant trait that Partap Dua experienced inside the Conservative party.

Partap Dua did not give up. He ran again in 2010 and 2014 for Mayor of Markham and lost both elections. But it did not deter him from continuing to fight. His resolve became harder because he saw massive deterioration in life of Canadians due to heavy influx of immigration. The whole fabric of Canada as a nation had changed. As a result he decided to take on the established parties through Canada’s youth by making the youth aware about power of engaging in public life.

In 2019, Partap Dua again launched a new party CFF-Canada’s Fourth Front to take on the big three parties and ran 7 candidates at federal level, including one in Calgary. This particular name was chosen to break the hegemony of three parties in Canada- Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. After 2021 federal elections, a few small parties and political activists like James McNair approached Partap Dua and discussed a new concept. After discussions, Partap Dua agreed to launch Direct Democracy in Canada and agreed to change the name of his party to CFF Direct Democracy Party of Canada, with provincial parties launched by same name. After a few months the initials CFF were removed and the party transformed to Direct Democracy Party of Canada, with a proposed short name on election ballot- DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

Partap Dua holds an MBA in Finance from Schulich School of business, where he graduated at top of his class, with an average of 14 As including 3 A pluses. He also holds Chartered Finance Analyst (CFA) and Derivatives Market Specialist (DMS) designations. He has extensive business and real life experience, having worked and managed businesses and people. He has worked for a global telecom company, and on Bay Street, as an analyst and portfolio manager.

His main passion is to contribute something solid to the struggling lives of Canadians and maintain Canada’s ‘unique identity’ that made Canada attractive to the world in the 1970s. Partap Dua has continued to fight the establishment at all levels as there is lack of devotion on part of elected members.

He feels today’s Canada is fast drifting towards a third world nation status.